Striktly Business Software is a hip and trendy internet company founded in Brussels in 2008. A program written by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Our business consultants are trained weekly to give you the best advice on site at your company.

They make a brief analysis of your current work process and advise you how you can do more in less time thanks to your Striktly program.

“By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.”

We take care of the complete set-up, provide personal training and are ready for you when you need us. Striktly is always on the move thanks to our dynamic team. For example, we regularly organize seminars, develop new modules every day and listen to our customers about what is important to them.

Stéphanie Ouachan is the CEO of Striktly Business Software,
She is a board member at “Jong Voka Antwerpen-Waasland”.

We are proud that we can present our software daily and are open to receive feedback to improve our Striktly platform. 

That’s why our main priority is to make sure that our clients only get the best. Development in software never stops! I hope that you are a big fan of Striktly Software, like me. I wish you the best of succes in your story as an entrepreneur.

Stéphanie Ouachan



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