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Striklty’s mission? Saving
entrepreneurs time

Time is money!

This applies twice as much to entrepreneurs: wasting time is not an option. But ignoring your administration is unfortunately not a good idea either. How do you ensure flawless administration without wasting precious time? A question in which Striktly saw a solution.

Striktly to the rescue

We developed an all-in-one administration platform that allows entrepreneurs to organize their administration faster and much easier. Our software allows you to keep an overview in one place: send invoices and quotes, track expenses, manage projects and send e-mails, you name it

How can we help?

Most entrepreneurs start their self-employment out of passion for their craft. Unfortunately, entrepreneurial life also involves a lot of administration. Striktly wants to help these entrepreneurs simplify their administration in order to create more time for things that really count.

Our team

With our young, dynamic and enthusiastic team, we work hard every day to make all customers happy. Your satisfaction is at the heart of this.

At Striktly, we are always looking for talent.

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