Client management

With Striktly, you have all the data and tools at hand to keep your relationship with your customer running smoothly.

Managing your clients has never been easier!

Managing your clients has never been easier!

  • Client info
  • Communication
  • Finances

​Client information all in one platform

New customer? Enter their VAT number and Striktly will do the rest. All customer data is automatically completed from the CBE. Consult all important customer and project data whenever you want - during a work visit or between installations - via our cloud-based platform.  How convenient!

Communication at a glance

No more switching between different software. In the Striktly all-in-one platform, you send quotes, invoices and payment reminders to your customers with a single click.

You can see whether your recent e-mail to your customer has already been opened. Still haven't had a response? Maybe it's time to make a call!

Manage your finances

With Striktly's CodaBox integration, you will never have to manually check your bank account again, looking for a stray payment. Get instant insight into all incoming payments and see immediately which invoices are (un)paid.

You can send an automatic payment reminder to your customer, so you never have to go after defaulters personally again. So you can start your weekend worry-free. Wonderful.

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