Make it easy on yourself.

Save time and money by working smart and working simple: 

Striktly automates every step in your workflow. 

Discover all the Striktly functions

Striktly Software helps you optimize your administration by automating each step in your workflow. Manage your administrative process in a single all-in-one CRM software package developed for entrepreneurs. 

Send invoices and receive payments faster

Prepare your invoices more quickly and get paid with a mouse click.

Professional offers

Prepare professional offers for potential customers with ease. 


Extensive payment history where you can review your financial statistics.

Link to accountant

Automatically link Striktly with your accounting program.


Automatically send reminder e-mails to defaulters.


With your Striktly Business agenda, you’ll never miss an appointment or delivery.


Mail your customers and suppliers directly from Striktly.


Quickly retrieve the administrative data of your customers in a well-organized costumer record. 


Add unlimited articles to your offer or invoice by means of an article or supplier code.


Check your financial stiktics and turnover in an overview.

Striktly Cloud

Upload documents and files into your cloud.

Cash register

A simple, built-in cash register module.

Specifications and progress reports

Import Excel lists from the architect into your Striktly.

6% certificates and work order forms

Import Excel or CSV files from your architect into your offer or project.

Official certificates

Official certificates for each branches.


You can make a backup of your work at any time.


Find our application on the App Store. 


Discover all the Striktly functions.

Striktly works together with a wide range of tools.

You can integrate Striktly with accounting programs, agendas, payment programs, e-mail marketing software, e-mail tracking softwares and VOIPs. 

With Striktly, the possibilities are infinite. 

Drafting offers, invoices, work and delivery notes, 6% certificates and much more else can be done far more easily. Clearly follow your documents in Striktly. 

We’re always there for you!

Striktly costumers are always accompanied by an enthusiastic and experienced support team. 

Let Striktly simplify your life ...

Optimize your workflow, save money and time with Striktly.

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