Extensive payment history

Save time and money by working smart and working simple: 

Striktly automates every step in your workflow. 

Manage your payment process

Extensive payment history where you can review your financial statistics.

Manage your payment process. Check which invoices have been partially or fully paid in Striktly.Linked with your bank, outstanding amounts are ticked off once paid. Customers with unpaid invoices automatically get a demand by e-mail, via the read receipt you have a confirmation it got there and you save expenses on registered letters. This process can be managed fully automatically with the help of parameters that are set a single time, such as late payment tolerance and frequency of reminder letters or the formal notice of default. 

Use different payment methods such as PayPal, Mollie, Bancontact and other online payment systems. 

Link with your bank

Outstanding amounts can be automatically ticked off once they are paid.

Link Striktly with your bank ...

Let Striktly simplify your life ...

Optimize your workflow, save money and time with Striktly.

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