Project management

With Striktly, you never have to switch platforms again and always keep an overview of your work. So you deliver your projects even faster.

Take control of your projects from A to Z

  • Calendar
  • Protection
  • Overview

​Client information all in one platform

Where you once opened your paper planner with a shudder, you can now view the Striktly calendar at your ease. You can see all your appointments and client details at a glance and you have a convenient link to your personal calendar.

Moreover, you have an overview of the work schedule of yourself and your employees.

Your documents are secure

Store your files in Striktly's powerful and secure Cloud, and always have your most important documents at your disposal.

Is your laptop unexpectedly hacked or have you lost project documents on your hard drive? Make a backup in Striktly's Cloud and always have access to your files.

Keep an overview at all times

With Striktly's intuitive platform, you are always up-to-date. In our user-friendly overview, you can immediately see the status of your various projects. Work more efficiently and faster. Your clients will be happy about that too!

Looking for something specific? In one click you can see all information about the project, the associated customer and the administration. You can also easily consult all related documents, even when you are on the road.

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